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August 06 , 2019

When do I Need an Elgin, Illinois Collection Attorney?

Running a business can present its own unique set of challenges. In order to keep your business running profitably, you rely on being paid timely for your goods and services. Additionally, there are legal protections for debtors. The penalties for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act have grown stricter. Nonetheless, your business is not without recourse so long as you follow the proper legal procedures. When you have an unpaid debt, a local collection attorney can provide significant advantages for your business. Below, several situations are described that may require the assistance of a local collection attorney

You Are Not Getting the Results You Want with a Collection Agency

Collection agencies focus on sending demand letters to debtors and calling them. The hope is that the debtor will get tired of the letters and phone calls and pay the debt off. However, these letters are easy to ignore and phone numbers can be blocked, resulting in few results and a delay in your ability to collect on the debt. While some collection agencies offer “legal services to their business clients, they may charge an extra fee when legal action is necessary. Still, some of these “legal services” may only include a letter sent on the attorney’s letterhead, but the attorney may have no real intent on pursuing the claim in court. The attorney listed may not even be allowed to practice law in Illinois, if it is a national collection agency. Having a dedicated attorney with a local reputation for pursuing claims through the filing of the necessary lawsuits in local courts carries much more weight than working with a standard debt collection agency.

You Don’t Want to Violate Debt Collection Laws

Another time when it is important to hire a local collection attorney is when you do not want to violate any Federal and State debt collection laws. Violation of Federal or State consumer protection laws can result in being required to pay the debtor’s attorney fees, as well as facing additional penalties. An experienced collection attorney is familiar with the laws that apply to debt collection and can ensure that these laws are not violated while collecting the debt.  

You Don’t Want to Waste Time on Bad Debts

If you have many debts you want to collect, a debt collection attorney can evaluate the legal collectability of each claim, identify bad debts that you will most likely not be able to recover and establish the time limit for collecting on certain debts. He can also explain when you have limited evidence on your side, so that you can avoid expending time and money on debts with questionable collectability. 

You Want Personalized Help

A debt collection attorney can provide you with personalized attention for your particular case. He can explain proper debt collection procedures and draft a legally-compliant law suit. He can also provide representation in court and help enforce any judgment you may receive.