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  • Hurt in an Accident?
  • Charged with DUI or a Crime?
  • Facing a Divorce?

Attorney Jonathan Carbary, with over 38 years of experience, can help. He is a tough, dedicated, conscientious lawyer who cares about his clients and will do what it takes legally to get your problems resolved. His practice includes:

Know Your Rights – As Soon As Possible!

If you have been injured in an accident, you should seek legal advice immediately – before you discuss the matter with an insurance adjuster and before signing any documents. Your rights and obligations will vary depending on many different factors. Attorney Jonathan Carbary can help you to fully protect your rights and get the relief that you are entitled under the law.

If you have been charged with a crime or DUI, legal representation is essential! Attorney Jonathan Carbary has extensive experience with the criminal justice system, and can protect your rights throughout the criminal justice process, from investigation, interrogations, lineups, DNA testing, evidence suppression motions, bail reduction, through pretrial and trial.

If you are facing the possibility of divorce or dealing with other family law legal problems, a highly qualified attorney will help you understand your legal rights and obligations. Attorney Jonathan Carbary provides personal, caring attention to the needs and goals of each client, and prides himself on finding quick, effective resolutions to your legal problems for the best legal result possible.

Why worry longer? Knowing your legal rights, and knowing that you have an effective, conscientious lawyer on your side, can minimize your stress during difficult times. Call today.